TabooDana Khichdi

“Khichdi” is an Indian Traditional Dish, very mundane and cooked in every region in different forms. It is amalgamation of different ingredients which have no fixed proportions. It can never taste the same every time its cooked but is delicious nonetheless

Similarly TabooDana Khichdi, is a safe, free flowing expression of thought, views, feelings and emotions. And when stringed together they become unique, beautiful and relatable each and every time.


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No Biggie in Seeking Help: An Expectation Setting

A good friend and a classmate from school reached out recently. The first thing he asked was how did I survive depression and made my way back “successfully” from the low. Our conversation went on to discuss some common thoughts that cross our minds in times of a crisis. Confusion, invalidation, pain, breakdowns, being triggered,Continue reading “No Biggie in Seeking Help: An Expectation Setting”

Side Effects of License for Lifetime Sex

Disclaimer: I have no intention to hurt anyone’s religious, social, or emotional sentiments. I might sound like an acidic agony aunt, you can call it a lockdown effect. Writing about the taboo word “sex” in your very first independent post is pretty scandalous. Why is this word a taboo in our society? Every second personContinue reading “Side Effects of License for Lifetime Sex”


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