Ink It Panelists

Introducing Panel of Judges for Ink It

Nishtha Chhabra

Nishtha’s Work

Nishtha Chhabra, Bengaluru

Nishtha has been in awe of the way words are delicately sewn together to create something beautiful. With a soul of a gypsy, she often finds herself dipping her fingers in a variety of fields, from creative writing to editing, to mathematics, to poetry, to international relations, and a lot more.

She enjoys traveling, learning new languages, talking to strangers, and learning something new every day. Her latest muse has been a novel that she has been working on since the lockdown.

Currently pursuing a Master’s in Mathematics, she has been juggling the arts and the sciences, and the beauty of both worlds never ceases to amaze her.

Her Work

Pramod Shankar

Pramod Shankar

Pramod Shankar is a fish-loving career nomad who writes poetry that refuses to rhyme. He also takes black-and-white photographs of very colorful stuff.

A constant learner and a growth junkie, Pramod has been wearing many hats through the last 30 years.

Now, he works as a coach, communicator, performer, and creative consultant – nurturing personal and organizational growth, discovery, and bonding.

Also, we all enjoyed having him as our guest on TabooDana’s Avow Tales and Talk. His personal stories on “Scapegoating” found resonance with many. It was one of the most engaging events.

Dr. Rebecca Vedavathy

Dr. Rebecca Vedavathy

She is an award-winning poet and academic from Bangalore, India. She works as Assistant Professor, French in Bangalore. Her PhD deals with the impact of religion on French Haitian-Canadian Women’s Literature. She won the Poetry with Prakriti Contest awarded by the Prakriti Foundation in 2016.

Her poems have been shortlisted for the Srinivas Rayaprol Poetry Prize (2018), the Wordweaver’s Poetry Contest (2017) and for the Glass House Poetry Contest (2020).

She was also awarded the prestigious Shastri Indo-Canadian Fellowship for Doctoral Scholars in 2017 and worked as a Research Intern at l’Université du Québec à Montréal.

She has been published by many national and international journals of repute. She has been invited to read her work at the Hyderabad Literary Festival, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Nazariya International Women’s Film Festival (Hyderabad), Centre for Indian Languages (Banaras), among others.

When not reading, writing or teaching she lives a quiet life with her cat and plants. She has just completed her first manuscript of poems titled the peepul tree girl.

“Un poème n’est jamais fini, seulement abandonné.” – Paul Valéry.

Akhshay Gandhi

Akhshay Gandhi

Akhshay Gandhi is a theatre practitioner and artistic director of Still Space Theatre, Bangalore.

His work includes, creating theatre, artistic & applied training and performance research. His performance research in kaavad tradition has resulted into two full length storytelling performances which has travelled widely across the world. Alumni of SITI Company, NYC, Odin Teatret Laboratory, Denmark and BITS-Pilani.

Akhshay through his playwriting and performance have delivered some powerful narratives that influence our thinking.

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