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TabooDana’s Ink It – T Tale Writing Contest 

TabooDana invites you to participate in ‘Ink It’, a taboo tale writing contest starting 14th Feb 2021 till 28th Feb 2021. And stand a chance to win cash vouchers up to INR 3000. Selected stories will get featured in Taboodana’s T Tales blog.

All of us have some story buried somewhere deep, Unveil those words, weave them as a story, and send it to us. We accept all forms of the FICTIONAL story whether persuasive, narrative, descriptive or even poetic.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a cup of coffee, pick up a pen and start writing that unfinished tale that has been brewing in your mind for a while. A story that you always wanted to write, hidden desire, unspoken truth, unsaid words. How about penning them down now and let others also relate to that unwritten taboo tale.

Why Ink It?

We believe Ink It is an unfiltered and rewarding opportunity to bring out bold and authentic writing in those talented and looking for a chance to tell their story

Why Taboo Stories only?

Humans are natural storytellers. Each of us has a myriad of experiences which have an impact and also mold our perceptions, biases, and opinion. A taboo story is something that pushes your creativity and lets you explore writing on areas that might be traditionally governed by fear, shame, and guilt. 

What is Taboodana?

Taboodana is a safe space where performers and participants come together, listen, and reflect on topics or areas that we are generally uncomfortable having conversations about. The space is nonjudgmental for conversations and learning thereby opening doors to “being untwisted”.


Nishtha Chhabra
Pramod Shankar

Dr. Rebecca Vedavathy

Ink It – Important Information

  • Step 1: Save your work with name as [yourname]_[storytitle] in .doc /.docx /.pdf format.
  • Step 2: The size of the document should not be more than 3 Mb.
  • Step 3: Fill the form below
  • Step 4: Upload your unpublished taboo story
  • Step 5: Accept the term and conditions
  • Step 6: Click on submit
  1. The contest is open to anyone above 16 years of age. 
  2. We accept all forms of the FICTIONAL story whether persuasive, narrative, descriptive or even poetic.
  3. Work published previously in any copyrighted newspaper, magazine, book or other medium is ineligible. Entries must be original.
  4. Contestants can enter ONLY ONE work of fiction (not to exceed 1000 words)
  5. Entries should be entered through the FORM BELOW no later than 5:00 p.m., Saturday, February 28, 2021.
  6. Only entries in digital format – i.e typed and attached in WORD/PDF FORMAT will be accepted.
  7. No submissions will be returned.
  8. A separate panel of judges will select the Grand Prize winners.
  9. Judging and winner notification will be completed no later than March 15, followed by an announcement on TabooDana Social Media Channels – Facebook and Instagram.
  10. The author retains the copyright to the submitted work and agrees to publication – print and online editions on Taboodana blog, websites and social media, and other channels.
  11. Winners may be asked to provide a photo to appear with their entries.
  12. The decisions of the judges are final. Submission indicates acceptance of all contest rules.
  13. Participants may request to maintain anonymity while filling the FORM. We will try our utmost to maintain that. In case, there is a conflict, the same will be informed via email or phone number mentioned while filling the form.

Please fill the form below to submit your story for “Ink It”.

Last Date : 28th Feb 2021

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