Avow Tales & Talks

Season 2 Show 2 at TabooDana

Saturday 17th March, 6:30 pm

Featured Storyteller Shreedevi Sunil
Avow Tales and Talks
Tales (Un)Fairied with Shree

Have you ever thought that a FAIRY TALE could a reality or may have a different color?

What if Snow White was dark? or Cinderella was married off against her wishes?

Explore “Tales (un)FAIRYed ” at Avow Tales and Talks on April 17th, Saturday at 6:30 pm at TabooDana

Season 2 Show 1

Secrets with Sherin Mathews

What’s monogamy?

Do relationships go through waxing and waning like phases of the Moon?

What keeps them alive and thriving?

‘Secrets with Sherin’ at Avow Talks and Tales was a SUPER SUCCESS with amazing and alluring stories delivered creatively

About Avow Tales & Talks

Each of you is on your journey of truth. The funniest thing about that truth is, you are the only one who knows it. If you remove the facts of it, the rest are narratives. Narratives that give it characters, adjectives, adverbs that made the episodes of the journey worth the experience it was for you.
Often indulgences are forbidden, the sense of self cannot be. Your need is not yours unless those others around you approve of it. For the last two years, one such journey struggled to find a space to tell its truth. Others would not accept the facts when shared viz-a-viz.

Society is inept at dealing with the truth unless wrapped up in a story.

With this thought we conceived ‘Avow Tales and Talks’ in the year 2020. We touched the lives of many by opening up this space for sharing tabooed discussions. We invited narratives that found resonance, mirrored one’s truth, and where people found peace and settlement in them.

Season 2 of Avow Tales and Talks is on and happening every month.


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