An Affair only Love Understood

There are somethings that only Love Understood and no else did. We all know love exists in ways we may not agree with. Taboos around love are socially conditioned. Taboos are pleasures we desire, which are reined in considering social isolation. Nevertheless, behind those closed doors, under the spread out sheets and in the dark corners of our mind, they thrive and we continue to indulge in them. The key to harvesting the best of happiness is to accept most people as they are without judgment preconceived notion. It is what it is. And it is beautiful just the way it is. It is an affair only love understood.

There are many elements in the Galaxy, amongst those, there were these five who were in proximity to each other. They experienced love and affinity to each other very differently from we are conditioned to understand Love. No wonder, we human beings are the lesser mortals.

In the Galaxy there existed, the Sun, the Moon and the Sky in their own spaces and all of them harbored a feeling of attraction to the Sea. They were all wonderful beings in their own vulnerabilities. They had their own impact on the magnificent Sea. Along with these manly beings, there was Earth, the most beautiful and loyal friend Sea had.

The Earth and the Sea felt each other deeply. In many ways, the Earth and the Sea shared unbounded love for each other, beyond anyone’s imagination. They had each other’s back and held on to other’s secrets with their lives. Their love and fondness for each other were one of the most unique elements of friendship many aspire for.

The Sky and his eternal Love

On the other hand, there was Sky, Sea’s most profound love. They hung out together almost entirely. The Sea and the Sky were great companions and were as expansive and expressive in ways defined.

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The Sea would admire the views of the Sky. Birds flying, clouds passing by and at night, the Sky showered a million diamond stars on the Sea. Likewise, the Sky also enjoyed his views from above. He loved her buoyant waves, how her colors changed and even the occasionally appearing lines of white frills. She was volatile yet very alive. She was beautiful, wild and complex.

The Sky loved the Sea’s bold, powerfully, fluid yet sensuously beautiful side. Furthermore, it wasn’t one-sided, even the Sea loved the Sky’s magnanimity to be so accommodating of everyone. He allowed them to be whoever they were, placed no demands. The Sky just wanted the Sea to be there. He reflected his colors on her and claimed stake like the Sea belongs to him. They loved each other very dearly and deeply and promised they would be there for each other till the end of time.

Moon’s admiration for the Sea

On the sidelines was a pleasant-looking Moon in the neighbourhood. The Sea was the biggest crush of his life. On most days he would peep from a corner watching her. On some nights, the Moon would shamelessly turn up fully dressed up in a shiny silvery suit. He found it tough to express his feelings for her. The Moon couldn’t say a word to the Sea. He just stood there and looked at her mesmerized. The Sea loved getting this attention from the Moon. It made her feel beautiful and desirable. This behavior worried her even made her edgy at night but she just allowed him to be.

Whenever she was frustrated with the Moon, the only person she wanted to be was her friend, the Earth. She called out to her unleashing high tides. Earth was her only outlet. She would assure her and say, “Calm down. Moon is harmless. He won’t violate you. He gazes at me the same way, with love and adoration. Enjoy this attention while it lasts and then you can find peace when he goes away for those few days every month”.

The Sun and the warmth

Not very far, was the Sun. He ensured everyone felt his presence. The Sun was warm and gave light (even to the sky and the moon) to the Sea. He became a distant reason for everyone to admire the Sea as he brought vibrancy to the different colours she had. Her aura shone like an angel.

He loved the Sea passionately. As noncommittal as he was, he would rise up in the day and slip away in the night. Unlike the Sky, the Sun wasn’t with the Sea all the time. He even romanced other seas, elements and beings as well. But he would turn up every day without fail. He was bound to that.

The Passion and the Heat

The Sea could feel him every day. He kept her warm. Every once in a while he would come close and unleash passion. Their passion and intimacy would be so intense as if they had made uninhibited, wild love. There would be clouds. These clouds lent her privacy and healing from the Moon, the Sky, stars and even the Sun himself. And the Sea recuperated with Earth by her side, her nonjudgmental support.

While the Sea experienced angst every time this happened. The Earth rejoiced the Sea’s moments of love. Life would spawn on Earth every time this happened. There would be thunder from the clouds. Sometimes striking fear and other times reminding the Sea of the passionate and intimate moments with the Sun. The clouds would cry out of joy and scream out angst. Sea would be inconsolable. No one except the Earth could see this. Over time when the clouds would disappear, Earth would softly murmur to her, “You are a fine woman just the way you are. This too will pass. “

As the days passed and the Sun became cooler. He gave her just about enough warmth, and let her know that he will always be around. The Moon continued his peeping in adoration of the Sea. The gentle Sky was visible once again. As stars crossed lovers, the Sky and the Sea rejoiced to be able to spend time adoring each other yet again.

Accepting herself and the love around her

Being the witness to Sea’s life, Earth whispered into her ears. “You know what? You are a woman anyone else would aspire and desire to be”. Sea was in anguish and looked at her and asked “How so? What funny relationships are they? I don’t belong to anyone and I can’t claim anyone either”. Earth said, “They are all going to be around you all the time. You can make the choice of who you want to spend your time with. And the rest of us would co-exist in this space without warring against each other. Each of them loves you freely and differently. You don’t have to possess or be possessed. Just allow yourself to experience all this love, desire, passion, adoration in their own way.”

The Sea made that leap of accepting of herself. She learned to trust and cherish her choices in all honesty. The elements around her continued to love her, co-exist and allowed her to make her choices.

Sea at peace with herself and the love surrounding her

40 thoughts on “An Affair only Love Understood

  1. Mesmerising and passionate perspective. What an innovative write up , picking the very normal things enveloping us.

  2. Wow! That’s a great read. Simple words strung together beautifully has a magical way of sending out a profound message.
    It’s true we all exist. Now shall we coexist?
    Thanks for spinning life into this and opening doors for new perspectives.
    Keen to keep reading more

  3. Very beautifully written. The relationship are so well discribed and true. Love and respect is more than give and take, it’s earned by one’s deeds. Thank you Jim and lots more to pen my friend.

  4. So beautifully captured the essence of polyamory in such a symbolic explanation… without offending sentiments of anyone and yet making the point clear. Kudos to you!

  5. “You don’t have to possess or be possessed. Just allow yourself to experience all this love, desire, passion, adoration in their own way.”

    Loved reading. Keep them coming

  6. Such a powerful piece of writing! Poignant, soul stirring and one that leaves you with lots of thoughts and emotions.

  7. Enjoyed reading this one. Loved how you go beyond the genders assigned to these entities by traditional poets, n see them in new light. Frankly, it doesn’t even matter what the genders are. What matters is the idea of appreciation n acceptance for oneself, no matter what.

  8. Amazing. I like the part where she is advised to make her own choices without the fear that the ones she does not choose shall go away.

    1. Thanx sheetal. The objective is to communicate that you have choices to makes, and live those consequences with out fear, guilt, shame, anger or anything other emotion that would hold you down. Glad you loved it.

  9. It’s a beautiful image to hold. It’s the moon solitary in the sky for me full round and replete with power. I like her brushing noiselessly. A great pattern – The Dance of the sea Good piece to reflect upon Jim.

  10. Love the writing Jim! It shows me how much of a dance of synchrony exists between the elements. Inspired by that this morning! Loving the one who created it all as I see this… thanks!

  11. So beautifully you have weaved the emotions and the desire to be with and without. We are nothing but the sum total of parts. It is amazing the way your words have created wonders.. Lived the flow… Sid

  12. “We all know love exists in ways we may not agree with”

    The above line says it all. It just changes things around me and my way of looking at things. Its refreshing. Amazing Bud🤟👍🙂

  13. If there is love, there is kindness, respect and awareness for ourself and others…so this could be an interesting way to spread more love and receiveing it as well. Thank you for your beautiful images

  14. Taboodada just love the messages that you put out. Embracing and falling in love with thyself is truly a beautiful feeling and the rest would just fall into its place.
    Learnt it the hard way 🙂

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