Love Banter On The Bed

Funny are lovers, at time’s just a little spark is needed to ignite the hidden passion. And so was it with the two love birds expressed desire and love when they saw this beautiful, romantic bed stringed with twinkling lights.

Under these beautiful blinking lights,
I want us to be together
Holding and kissing
Simmering with love
Will you make that happen
Will you be mine and just mine
To love and to be loved

I would want to do that too
Would love to make that bed in open
Make love so deep and tight
Why simmer when we can boil and blast
Hopeful I will make that happen
Whose else will I be when I am with you
Why love alone and any not beyond

Our love needs light so bright
Won’t Moon and stars just shine right
I want the twinkle In your eyes
That bed will be the labour of our love
Memories do keep us company
I want us to be just us
No past, no future
Our passion and our love

You are my moonshine and I am your sun
We will dance in passion, sure to have fun
My eyes will twinkle to your smiles and dimple
That bed will have memories giving others a tinkle
When its just us, it is a present
A gift to each other till love knows no end

Sun and the moon meet just twice a day
I need twinkles to shine our entire way
The whiff of our love is just ours
String those light like we are twined together
Make that bed to witness our love
Maybe the cocoon of present be enough
For us to love and to laugh

Its just one that shines during day
Reflecting yet at night to continue the way
The twinkles in the night wont do
We need winkles and sheet wrinkles
The bed shall bear witness, lights shining on
Not just love and passion, stories we weave on

We will dim each light as night goes by
Lips will whisper words of love
Sheets will witness acts of desire
Bed will creak with unleashed passion
Each moment will weave a new story
Dimming the lights as moments pass by
We will explore us togeth

My breast feel heavy and aching
Tips so sensitive and tender
Need the soft linen cover
The ache needs to dim
As you kiss them on a whim
And they will glisten In the stringed lights

While you rest your back on my chest
Wearing nothing but a white shirt
I caress those breast as I kiss you at neck
The massage will soothe you, and you will flip out to peck
As I touch lightly those tits so perky
Why would I only kiss them, I will suckle them messy
Your ache long forgotten,
You will want to bare all and be smitten

It’s just not the breast that ache
Every part yearns for those caresses
Down below the desire pools in
Soaking me wet and ready

My fingers are no longer steady
Need your touch so desperately
Massage won’t be able to soothe anymore
The hunger is hard to bear

Yellow might be bright for me
Blue might be dark for you
Close your eyes and see me
Just standing right beside you

As you reach out to hold my hand
I eagerly step closer
Pulling me down to be with you
You stop me before I say anything

The breathe will be the whisper
Lips will brush each other
Sheets will light our passion and burn under our desire
“I love you” you will say, Sushhh… is all I respond
Kissing you at your jawline, biting you at your neckline
Letting out little whimper, as my hands reach below waistline
I smile at you yet again, and whisper, “Not yet my love”

Published by ColumbusInMe

Life happened and I unplugged. For the last six months, I am travelling solo on a journey of exploration, inspiration and connection.

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