It is what it is-Let it go

This piece was about letting go. To me this is a dear subject and have learnt much and found freedom by letting it flow.

Letting go in the head
Not a person
But a feeling of hurt

The multitude of times is
until you crossover
The door to eternal freedom

As I begin to explain
take from me
It is divine not mundane

Not the person you love
Feeling you harbour
It’s nature so painfully deep

Ofcourse you survive without doubt
Space it is
Breathe so it’s not vacuumed

Ofcourse you may wish for
and hope for
‘It’ just might be back

Embarking on their own journey
Space it needs
Something to look up to

Farther the flight of birds
Stronger they return
Migration is a universal truth

Stretch not, hold back not
You will stifle
A growth making it rot

Allow the choice of journey
Respect it is
Trust its intuition to fly

Letting go is painfully true
Tears shall stream
That’s just how it is

Move on to live life
Engage in joy
You’ll thank yourself for this

Sunrise and Sunset journey’s on
Comes full circle
A time long from now

Fill the space with love
For when returning
Bag of stories to share

Let it be open doors
Kind so loved
Welcome with fanfare when return

Letting go is a treasure
Earned by few
Trust it, let it flow

It is what it is
Nothing will change
Acceptance will set you free

I hope this finds you
in great health
And bless you peace deserved

Columbus In Me

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