A Whatever Relationship In the times of Corona or Any Other Disaster

We are in testing times with the ongoing pandemic. While I hope most of us are home with our families, there are several of us who are away from their homes separated by sealed borders. I am sure during this phase, some friendships must have evolved which are taboo to the conventional frameworks and do not necessarily have a definition of what they are.

Here is an unconventional love story “A Whatever Relationship In the times of Corona or Any Other Disaster” exploring comfort, love, affection and companionship of a wolf and a horse. #loveinthetimeofcorona

One morning a lone wolf was on the prowl. He was exploring the terrain. He was hungry and was looking for a hunt. The monsoon season was over still it was drizzling. He had left his pack, wanting to now hunt on his own. As he moved ahead, sniffing and scouting the path in his pepper shaded coat, he reached a clearing in the woods. The wolf waited in anticipation and sniffed the air. There was a galloping sound. He was certain that his hunt was nearby. He stealthy crouched and moved towards the sound, ready to pounce and kill. And suddenly he stopped short.

He saw this beautiful black horse with long brown hair with a white daisy, her body shining and glittering in the sun. The horse was grazing in the clearing. She looked excited at the smell of mud after the drizzle. The grass tasted fresh and the rain was making her happy. She was with her herd but stood starkly apart. Occasionally, she galloped in the clearing, uninhibited, free and happy. At her own pace, she would then stop to eat berries, would run to the grassland and munch some grass. This one was clearly defying the herd. She was different. She was wild and untamed.

Who was she?

The wolf stood mesmerized. He could not take his eyes off her and wasn’t sure what to do. He was hungry, but the horse’s beauty and spirit were too captivating for him to hunt her. He sat there confused and then let a howl. Startled, the herd galloped into the forest. However, this beauty, stood right where she was and looked at the wolf. She let out a bleat.

By now, the wolf had lost his appetite for this beautiful creature. He decided to inch closer to the horse. Having left his pack, he yearned for some company and contact. He missed comrade from his old pack. He mustered some courage and let out another howl to the horse.

Even though, she didn’t feel very safe in the presence of this carnivore, her need for an adventure pushed her forward. She inched forward to sniff and feel the trust. Very reluctantly and slowly, they both came closer, continuously looking at each other, holding the gaze. There was a distance between them but they stayed in each other’s vicinity until sunset. It appeared as if they are trying to get comfortable with each other’s smell and sounds.

The Unusual Tale

As the sunset, the horse left to find her herd, the wolf hunted and settled for a small mammal in the forest for his food. The wolf wondered whether he should set out at dawn to find a new pack. He had a sleepless night.

As the next day dawned, he rested under the shade of a tree, waiting and hoping. And soon, he heard a familiar bleat and gallop of a horse. He looked up. To his joy, it was her again. She was sniffing, looking and searching for him. She had come to be with him. They bleated and howled at each other and started playing with each other.

Warmth and Closeness

They ran wild and free in the clearing. When they got tired, they rested in each other’s warmth and closeness. Occasionally, the wolf occasionally nibbled and the horse gently kicked using her hind legs.

As the days went by, their fondness and affection for each other grew. The horse would come into clearing whenever she could, hoping to find the wolf, but unsure if she will. Then they both would do their own thing, and soon they both started cherishing this camaraderie.

Soon the other horses in the herd got to know about this novel, unique friendship. They cautioned her, told her to avoid the wolf. He was dangerous, a carnivorous animal, and not a horse. It was not safe to mingle with him. He was a loner and not even a part of his pack, which was weird and unnatural.
Nevertheless, the horse didn’t pay heed to any of this. She was happy and unbound. She cherished and enjoyed the time she spent with the wolf. He made her feel safe and free. He also felt equally at peace when he was with her.

They both couldn’t truly understand and define this unfamiliar and unexpected friendship. They knew that it was growing deeper and a strong bond was being formed. But, they also realized that one day they would have to part as well. While these thoughts agonized, they chose to make every second count while it lasted.

The Parting

The climate had changed and in the present ecosystem it was getting tougher for the wolf to find food. He managed as much as he could. Until one day, he noticed, rabbits and deer were dying mysteriously. Something had changed drastically. It was no longer conducive for the wolf to stay in the clearing any longer. He had to go.

The next day, when the horse came, both wolf and the horse strolled in the clearing, sniffing and assessing. They looked at each other and moved closer. They knew it was time to part. Tears dropped from her eyes, she was hurting and in pain. She had hope that the wolf will come back for her as soon as the time was right.

Similarly, the wolf promised, in hope, that he will return to spend time with her, be with her and to enjoy this undefined, unique and beautiful companionship that had evolved between them.

With a heavy heart, glistening eyes they parted, promising each other to stay safe. And he set out to find his pack again.

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  1. Love knows no reason, no boundaries , no distance. It has sole intention of bringing people together to a time called forever !
    Beautiful story!

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