“A WRITER’S SOUL” writes Melt In My Mouth

This sensual vivid interweaving of words is a reblog of the post written by “A WRITER’S SOUL” on March 30, 2020. Reading this is an amorous journey in itself. It is erotic and passionate and full of love and lust. Read it aloud to your partner, along with your partner to experience the fervency of the words.

The tagline which a “A WRITER’S SOUL” goes by

“Diving into A WRITERS SOUL is discovering the broken treasure and beautiful mysteries that make you gasp for air”

As someone so rightly commented on the original post.

“Meaning well written, as just some erotic sex referencing words don’t create the heat as this does!

Anthony Borderlines
You melt like chocolate in my mouth,
Like candy, tangy and sticky,
Taste so sweet I can’t help but lick you up,
Up and down, I could swallow you whole,
But that wouldn’t be as much fun, would it darling
You suck in a breath,
Hissing as your fingers reach to cling to something, anything,
Just something to keep you grounded,
But I have plans to take you higher than that,
I relish in the thought of you losing control,
Gets me off, more than you know,
And I know you can feel my smile,
The room goes quiet,
Save for your small gasps,
And the hum from the back of my throat,
I know you’re close,
You’re reaching blindly to for something to control the need got buck up,
The urge to clutch the back of my head,
And the urge builds and builds,
Until you explode,
The world goes still as you breathe a silent curse,
And I relax, letting you feel it all,
You melted in my mouth just how I hoped you would,
And I smile, licking my lips as I think of round two,
You shiver.

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