TabooDana emerged from the need to have an environment, a place and a community where one can be open and free.

Where we can talk, listen and discuss about anything and everything which is considered “Taboo”. When we are in such a safe place, it leads to our growth and we emerge as a completely powerful person who is not consumed by power and still has empathy, a “Dana”.

Dana(Day-Na) is a word itself, created to define awesome people.

T Tales by TabooDana

“T Tales by TabooDana” is a platform to publish Taboo Tales. The space will feature curated stories contributed by various authors from around the world. This is aimed at readership of people who want to explore interesting stories that will keep them intrigued and help people share these stories to their circles to keep them untwisted.

    Khichdi at TabooDana

    Interesting blogs about anything and everything under the sun. Khichdi is where words mix and match freely to add flavour to our inner most thoughts and experiences


    What people say about Us

    It was very nice meeting you and the lovely ladies on Saturday. I especially liked the way the session was conducted. The rounds of social humour kind of cemented the thing together, adding the fun element. The ambiance too made people feel at ease, which helped them cross their internal barriers. It would be interesting to see how the topic unfolds, if it’s a mixed group of men and women, boys and girls


    It was a new concept for me, I had never been to one before. Ofcourse, I had attended gatherings where such games were played but not a gathering where ‘conversation’ was given so much of importance. Well, what I feel is, in today’s chaotic and busy world that we live in, we have stopped having coversations. Be it on any topic, but talking by letting go of judgements and prejudices can be so helpful in many ways.


    About the Listening Circle last evening, was a nicely crafted talk which made women comfortable. Though I went with the flow, as I already mentioned, am not open to the discussions, never have been. Maybe I am not only old school but you can categorise me as being pre historic! The ambience created was interesting while being compassionate and understanding all the time. Maybe women will slowly open up to identify their feelings better and segregate them. Let the Durga in every woman be a symbol of power in all the things that manifests.

    – Samadrita

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